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"Classic,  vintage pre-war baseball cards"

"Because they preserve both the
game's integrity and it's element of timelessness,
I like to believe that baseball cards from the pre-war
era hold a deeper value, both to the
purist collector and investor"

John Spencer, President
Full Count Baseball Card Company

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19cen.gif (3247 bytes) Anson

Current inventory includes cards from the N28, N29,
N172 and N184 designations.  While our emphasis is
on HOF'ers, we have commons as well. Many are PSA,
SGC and CSA graded. 

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tobacco.gif (3367 bytes) Speaker

Current inventory includes T3, T200, T202, T204, T205
T206, T207, T215, T216, T222 and T227 designations.
For the most part, our entire Tobacco inventory consists
of HOF'ers. Many are PSA, SGC and CSA graded.

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carcandy.gif (3716 bytes) Wagner

Current inventory includes E90-1, all E92 variations,
E93, E94, E95, E96, E97, E98, E101, E102, E105, E106,
E135, E210, E220, E254, '14 Cracker Jack and '15 Cracker
Jack designations.  We carry one of the largest selections of
HOF "E" cards you'll find; some of which are PSA, SGC and
CSA graded. 

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magazine.gif (3686 bytes) Collins

Current inventory includes M110, M116 and M-104-1.
We also carry a nice assortment of PSA, SGC and CSA
graded cards.

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the30s.gif (4051 bytes) Ruth

Current inventory includes '32 US Caramel, '33 Delong,
'33/'34/'35/'38 Goudey, '33 Sport Kings, '34-36 Diamond
Stars and '39 Playball.  We carry a large assortment of
HOF'ers with a great deal being PSA, SGC and CSA

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the40s.gif (4057 bytes) DiMaggio

Current inventory includes '41 Playball.  All HOF'ers
including Williams and Dimaggio with some being
PSA, SGC and CSA graded.

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Baseball Cards Are A Rare Collectible

The first baseball card was produced in the late 1800s and were not included in packs of gum, however rather in tobacco items to assist promote their products. These cards rapidly ended up being extremely searched for as collectibles with the front of the card revealing a picture of the gamer and likewise truths on the players efficiency, then on the back is where info about the item was printed.

These baseball cards were so popular and assist promote the tobacco items that other business quickly started producing their own baseball cards. When kids were able of purchasing these other products the hobby of collecting baseball cards actually got its beginning. Today baseball cards are gathered more than other kind of sports card due to them being in production longer and with the sport of baseball being so popular itself.

Gathering baseball cards has quickly become an abundant custom with lots of collectors enjoying the trill of opening packs of baseball cards to see if perhaps the pack consists of a specialty card, a popular gamer, or a rookie card. Specialized cards are randomly confined in packs of baseball cards, which collectors enjoy to look for. Opening up a pack of baseball cards is like going on your very own witch hunt. Collectors have various ways that they will gather baseball cards, that include by potentially their favorite team, novices, or by complete sets.

There are collectors as is the owner of  the company Spartagen XT who take this hobby exceptionally serious and have invested a lot of time and loan into their collection of treasured baseball cards. Trading baseball cards has actually been around as long as the cards have and it is a fantastic method for collectors to get rid of the cards that do not want. Today increasingly more collectors are aiming to construct their collection focusing on a group or gamer, while others focus on specialty products including novice cards, however still yet other collectors desire to build total sets from specific manufactures.

Increasingly more severe collectors of baseball cards have actually begun investing their money and time in older cards, however this type of collecting does need major commitment because these older cards are rare and at time difficult to find. Other kinds of unusual cards that collectors seek are baseball cards with typos or mistakes, and particularly autographed cards.

What ever kind of baseball cards you choose to collect it is important that they are effectively safeguarded, because vulnerable cards have the tendency to little worth. Protective sleeve are the most affordable way to save your collection of baseball cards safely, however other important and specialized cards need to be stored in a top loader.

The authentication of your collection would involve an independent grading service that will conduct an analysis of the quality and condition of the cards within your collection. Baseball cards are usually graded between one and ten, with 10 being the very best. Independent grading services will also confirm any card which contains a signature. The most affordable grade and the less valued cards are referred to as commons. Novice cards can be valuable likewise since they are the first official card to be launched throughout the career of an athlete.

Everything You Desired To Know About Baseball Cards

Gathering baseball cards has had its history as being a top amongst Americans favorite pastimes, closely following Americas preferred past time. Topps baseball cards are among several companies that make baseball cards. Topps is one of the most popular brand names of baseball card business and is quickly located on the web to make acquiring simpler. Baseball collectors belong to a very special club so to speak, with their own terminology, critical eyes and mutual understanding.

Topps baseball cards, being that they are easily discovered online, are purchased frequently. The males and females who are purchasing these baseball cards collect them for years before they begin to offer, if they ever offer them at all. Baseball card collectors gather baseball cards frequently in a particular way such as all from one team, all the exact same player, because the year they were born or because the year they ended up being a fan of baseball. Though all their baseball card collections will be different in many ways, they all share one base thing in typical; they all like baseball.

The history of baseball cards goes back simply about a century, to the time where they were smaller than 2 inches and printed on thick cardboard. They were not as popular then and were being made by the Goodwin Company. As the years passed, a completing company combated for its share in the baseball card organisation; Topps. Topps wasn't producing exclusively baseball cards, but also chewing gum, another staple for baseball gamers. They were the only business in the business of baseball cards now that was excelling as it was, however a monopoly suit was lost so other business could now get their share of this booming company. Baseball cards had actually become a phenomenon and still leading the pack is Topps.

Lots of who decide to gather baseball cards also decide to offer them at one point too. Keeping your baseball cards in mint condition is extremely crucial if you want to enjoy the greatest rate for your treasured cards. The individuals who have the most success of all are those who keep their valued cards in plastic sheets in a binder, or in difficult plastic cases so that they do not end up being bent, creased, stained or harmed in any way. Then they can take their card collection to a regional card store, either put them on screen to have them offered to consumers or sell them directly to the store or website owner. This can be done anywhere where collectibles are purchased and offered or anywhere that buys and offers sports trading cards, especially baseball cards. Frequently these locations bring Topps brand name baseball cards.

There are also puts online to purchase and sell baseball cards. Knowing the value of each of your cards and the costs you wish to offer them for are essential things to know so that you do not get scammed by the business. Information that will assist you determine such worths can be discovered by comparing to other cards that are comparable in age, condition, and player that others have purchased and offered.

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